About Us

We, team members at Call Blue Voip, introduce ourselves as one of the leading service providers which are working each moment to make you feel at home while you are away from it. We at Call Blue Voip, make your live phone that may be your mobile or landline so that you get connected with your loved ones, the moment you realize their absence. We bring in the element of cost-effectiveness while you make international calls by providing various International Long Distance Calling services. Through our continuous team effort to ensure perfection and excellence, we promise high quality, cost-effective and money-gaining telephony solutions, which happen to be the best in the industry.

Our top notch expertise in internet telephony solutions not just comprehends well the requirements of our individual customers but also keeps a keen nose for any tech-update coming up in the industry. We lend a helping hand to our customers set comprising business owners plus individuals in gaining a foot in this novel domain.